Sunday, October 2, 2011

Adele & A Little Astrology

I love this song. For no particular reason, it just hits me though. Typical Plutonian broodiness I guess. ViS stuff (Venus in Scorpio)

Adele has Sun in Taurus conjunct Jupiter (that voice!) in opposition to Pluto in its own sign of Scorpio. Taurus rules the throat; many, many successful musicians have Taurus placements. Jupiter expands the energy of whatever it touches, thus this is an incredibly lucky aspect that broadens (Jupiter) her inate (Sun) musical talent (Taurus). Perhaps the Jupiter influence gives her the vocal strength to project the way she does but the opposition of Sun/Jupiter to Scorpio (intensity) provides the passion and transformational (Pluto) life experiences that inspire her work. She writes her own songs.

I can identify my own kind (Pluto power) almost everytime...

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