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Solar Returning

One critical aspect of predictive astrology is the analysis of the solar return (SR) chart. This is a chart that changes every year and is valid up to 3 months before and 3 months after your birthday. That means that events shown in the SR chart can effect you for up to 18 months.

The SR chart is a chart cast for the day when the degree of your natal Sun is at the exact same degree as it was at your birth within the current year. The rest of the planets align accordingly. Thus, if a person was born in 1980 when the Sun was at 3'00" Virgo, the SR chart will be cast for the day when the Sun is at 3'00" Virgo in 2011. My personal technique for reviewing SR charts is to view the SR chart itself alone, not in overlay with the natal chart. I find this technique to be highly accurate. Basically, we are looking at the SR chart as an independent entity. House placements will be most important using this technique, followed by aspects.

Using the SR chart above, the most important things to note are the position of the SR Ascendant and house placements for the Sun and Moon. The SR Ascendant reveals the general personality traits of the native for the coming year and the Sun defines the focus of the year, i.e. where that person will expend most of their energy. The Moon reveals a great deal about the person's emotional focus and where their "heart" will be during the coming year.

SR Venus and the 5th and 7th houses will reveal much about any relationship issues, and Mars determines where the drive and energy, or the "fuel" for the focus of the Sun's house, will originate. Jupiter, if well-aspected, can show areas of fortune, luck, prosperity, or increase.

SR Saturn can reveal challenges, dilemmas, restrictions, increased responsibilities, or commitments. Uranus will reveal areas of potential change and upheaval, Neptune can reveal areas of dreams, wishes, inspiration, or delusion and disappointment. Be very cautious with a poorly aspected Neptune, depending on house placement. Lastly, Pluto shows where the native can expect transformation. Aspects between any of the outer planets and the luminaries are critical.

The Reading

In the example above, the SR Ascendant is in Gemini, revealing a fun, highly social year for the native, and one focused on communication. This would be a good year to develop new friendships or work on writing projects. Communication and the ability to express oneself will be very important this year.

SR Sun is in the 5th house, revealing that the focus of the year will be on creative energies and/or romance. Children (one's greatest creation) are also a 5th house focus. This native may start a new project, embark on a new romance, or have a child. If children are already present, they will receive a lot of attention this year. "Giving birth to something new" is the theme. The 5th house is the Sun's natural house so this is a benefic placement. Interestingly, SR Venus and Saturn are placed here as well. With Venus conjunct the Sun, I would lean towards "romance" being very much on the native's brain. Surely the native will experience love and pleasure this year. However, Saturn's presence in the 5th house could bring some kind of limitation, restriction, or obstacle to that romance. This is where aspects are critical.

SR Venus is in direct opposition to Uranus, suggesting a deep attraction but one with unstable there something unusual about the partner, is it an on/off relationship? This could also imply a relationship that begins unusually fast or is intense/chaotic, or induces change in the native. The hard aspect to Pluto reinforces the passion and intensity of this relationship, but also adds a warning about jealousy and possessiveness. The Venus-Pluto-Uranus aspect actually forms a tight T-square, with Pluto as the apex...regardless of the final outcome, this relationship may very well change the native's life.

Again, Saturn's presence needs to be is possible this relationship is long-distance or restricted in some other way. However Saturn is not always bad and in this case it may lend structure...a stabilizing and long-term energy to the wildness of the T-square. One important key to Saturn is that it is unaspected. This ALWAYS reveals a lesson for the native to incorporate. In the house of romance, there will be a lot of learning from this relationship. Luckily Saturn retains its exaltation in Libra so the lessons may not be too harsh but are important nonetheless. I would add that the presence of the North Node in the 7th house of partnership and relationships further emphasizes that relationships will be highly important to the native this year.

Mercury is very strong in this chart. Not only is it widely conjunct the Sun but it also rules the Ascendant in Gemini and is in domicile in Virgo. This emphasizes how important communication is to the native this year, and Mercury in the 4th house placement of home and family enforces this. Communication is a matter of deep comfort to the native, influencing how she feels about life itself, as the 4th house represents the foundation of the chart and of our lives.

Mars is in the 3rd house of and drive are directed there this year. Communication, communication, communication! She won't thrive without it this year.

Both the Moon and Jupiter are located in the 12th house of the mind, subconscious, secrets, intuition, and past life karma. Jupiter expands the energy of whatever it comes into contact with, so let's examine this in more detail.

The Moon in the 12th house is a tricky placement. In trine to the Sun and Venus, it is linked to the relationship energies of the 5th house. Thus, the relationship previously discussed may be secret or clandestine in some way.

As the Moon represents our emotional Self, our instincts and inner lives, it deserves a lot of attention in the analysis. Moon in the 12th house can represent fear of vulnerability or a need to be private about feelings. The Moon also represents the mother, so this year the native may address some deeply buried childhood issues or unearth some feelings about her mother. This is a deeply psychological placement, and changes in mood, psyche, and spirituality can be expected. The native can also expect an increase in intuition and emotional sensitivity this year. Dreams may be psychic, etc. The native will also be very sensitive to the influence of drugs, alcohol and medication. Use caution.

All of the spiritual energies of the 12th house Moon are magnified by the presence of Jupiter, the ancient ruler of Pisces and thus spirituality. Jupiter also serves as a protective influence here, so this is a highly benefic placement. No matter what the emotional duress, the native will make it through. Not only that, but Jupiter positively aspects Mercury, the chart ruler. Jupiter sits in this chart as a benevolent and guiding influence, indicating that the native is under protection of some sort. In the 12th house, it can even represent the angelic influence of a departed soul.

Lastly, Neptune in the 10th house reveals that the native may experience issues with concentrating on work this year or may feel restless in her job. The harsh aspect to the Moon emphasizes this, and the native should be aware that she may struggle with her work feeling fulfilling. An awkward quincunx to Mars in the 3rd reminds the native to beware of "seeing what she wants to see" or "hearing what she wants to hear" when it comes to communications from others. She should also make an effort to be precise in her communications.

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